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"I was expecting a great album, but Darkest Days is on another level; it’s taken everything that I loved from the first record and made it exponentially better. [...]  Solid musicianship is displayed by all, the melodies are strong, and the songwriting is near-flawless. After already listening to it a few times, I still haven’t gotten enough." The Metal Observer

“Darkest Days” is a very good and strong album that showcases a talented and passionate band, eager to show the world that they can give some of the big-leagues bands a serious run for their money. Highly recommended to anyone with an affinity for melodic metal, power metal and / or symphonic metal." Lyric Spell Magazine

"Solarus should be one of those up and comers everyone looks into – the quality playing and creative abilities of these musicians will not go unrecognized for much longer. Darkest Days can brighten the mood of melodic power metal, symphonic/modern fans, and possibly a few progressive-minded folks." Dead Rhetoric

"I would not be surprised if you hear more about this band before the end of 2019, as they offer something different then the rest of their genres. Inspired drumming, passionate vocals, and guitar playing that borders on perfectly executed, Solarus' release should make fans of Melodic and Symphonic or even Power Metal happy!" Metal Reviews

"'Darkest Days' is a masterpiece of Power Metal in all its aspects, each song captures you with great melodies, good riffs, speed and the perfect harmonization of a spectacular female voice." Sudupereviewer



"Overall, this an excellent debut and there is abundant quality throughout. My pick of the album would be "Ethereal Tears" which rolls all the aforementioned into a perfect package for the ears. I really can't wait for what they bring to the table next; however the bar has also undoubtedly been set very high. And I think this will definitely remain as one of my favourite albums of the year." Encyclopedia Metallum, The Metal Archves. 

"Often, the bands that play this style are either not heavy enough, or they coast on powerhouse vocalists, to wind up with a sound that is less than the sum of the parts. Solarus tweaks the formula just enough that they avoid every problem that could face a power/prog band. Their songs are heavy, intricate enough, dramatic, and wonderfully melodic. From "Shattered Skies", to "Prayer For The Fallen", and the immense title track, there is hardly a weak moment to be found on this record. This is not just an excellent example of how to make power/prog matter again, it's a record that unfolds a little more every time you listen to it. That means it will grow on you, and since it makes a good first impression, that means it's going to wind up being one of the better metal records of 2017." Chris C at Bloody Good Music.

"Solarus play a very sophisticated type of symphonic Power Metal. Led by the very appealing vocals of Sarah Dee, this band have quite a European sensibility. There are many symphonic and orchestral parts under a thick bed of crunchy guitars and overtop all of it is the soaring, sweet voice of Dee. [...] the debut by Solarus is a fantastic example of how to do this sound well." Metal Rules.